Living in Denial

My brother in law we found out today about popped a tube this week. From clogged arteries to congestive heart failure 58 years of abuse has caught up.

I on the other hand, while not the picture of health, nor the poster child of healthy living, do give a shit about my health, and try to curb my vices.

But, we all live in our own reality. Make your made up reality a good and happy reality.

Mental vacation. Extreme Tailgate Society. Dogs, and animals. A pickup truck. A loving wife. A fun place to dive. A great job. Grilling.


terri said...

We all make the choices we feel we can live with. Based on experience, I know that when a choice has long term consequences, the mind finds a way to not think about it too often. Lucky for me, my mind has a tendency toward anxiety. It's helped me to worry about those down the road problems and curb many of my vices too. I'm also continuously inspired by people like you who remind me to stop, relax, and enjoy life in regular doses.