Black Hole

On June 19 of last year I had surgery on my neck to remove a piece of disc that was pressing on the nerve that controlled my left arm. The condition caused me great pain, numbness, and loss of strength and control.

The surgery was a success although the incision did get infected and it took several months to clear.

The location was the back of my neck where the neck rests on my shoulders.

All was well as I healed and gained strength.

What has developed over the last several months is a rather large indentation at the incision and the hole is causing pain at the location. Apparently the natural fat that lays under the skin did not heal and I now have lost the cushion by having bare skin covering bone.

I'm set to see about getting this resolved on Monday.


Rock Chef said...

That sounds really nasty! Hope they can fix you!

MELackey said...

Can they remove a blob of fat from your ass and put it in your neck? Maybe create a divot where your wallet goes?