Wednesday 2/1/2006 - If you want a Pizza on Tuesday in St Croix then plan to make your own. We tried twice to get a pizza last night and were told they don't make pizza on Tuesday.

This must be a universal fact all over the island. I didn't probe for any details. We just accepted the fact and moved on.

We first tried "Just In Case Deli". They had a rather complicated schedule of days they made and didn't make pizza. I here these pizza's are the best on the island from the villa owners. We'll never know.

Then we went to another quaint open air restaurant over on the west side of Christiansted. It's near the Hibuscus Resort area. Smugglers Cove Bar and Restaurant is worth a visit.

There seemed to be a lot of regulars, blue collar types. My guess is they all were contract workers at the refinery.

The service was good but "island slow" which is no problem. They cook fresh pizza here but we were told not on Tuesday.

So we orded a variety of food from the menu. All items were good and reasonably priced.

Smugglers Cove Bar and Restaurant

So far the award for the coldest beer in St Croix goes to Styx on the boardwalk. This is a real dive. The bartender is not friendly and the patrons look like questionable characters.

The good news is they keep their beer in a giant cooler on ice. Then sit outside and watch the day go by.

The agenda today is the pool in the AM, horseback riding this afternoon, then fresh lobster at the villa for supper. lobsters today. We'll have to make other plans for supper

The weather is June-like today. Very warm with a breeze.

If you don't see anymore blog entries then I assume I died horse back riding.

I didn't die. In fact we had a blast riding.

Paul and Jill's Equestrian Stables is well worth the drive to Fredricksted. We took a tour through the rainforest, a short ride on the beach and had lots of laughs. Jill did a great job of matching her horses with our abilities.

Gigi looked like a humming bird on a water melon. She rode a huge Persian horse.

Paul and Jill's Equestrian Stables

We stopped by Schooner Bay Market and picked up some huge thick New York Strips with veggies and merlot.

It was funny....the store had just been resupplied and folks were buying up all the items that were fresh from the mainland. I think everyone had a container of ice cream in their basket.

The butcher shop had plenty of very good cuts of beef, but no pork. The seafood looked good, but no lobster. The ladies cooked and the guys broke out the charcoal grill. It was wonderful.