Friday, February 03, 2006 - We are off to an 8:30 Tee time at the Buccaneer this morning. It will be interesting with the ladies vs the men.

Well we didn't pull off the golf. As we pulled in the Buccaneer an ominous black cloud with lots muscular backup helped us to decide that maybe it wasn't the day for golf. Oh well, no worries.

We headed to the dry end of the island where it was bright and sunny. Looked at Point Udall, and worked our way down the south shore.

Hay Penny beach was a real disappointment. It had been billed as something special. It was so remote. Maybe nudie types go there because it is deserted. We felt a bit unsafe there.

Pizza! Tonight's the night. Lori with Just-in-Case Deli has taken our order for three fresh take and bake pizzas. Can't wait! I'm hoping for a 5 shrimper!

We spent the afternoon with our island friend Margaret Walsh.

We ate "Goat Water" a goat stew, herring, rice and spinach, and johnny cakes for lunch. Completely Carribean.

Then we ate the pizza to go from "Just in Case" deli. It cost like a zillion dollars for one of them but was very, very good.

Judy and Tom came over to join us.

We did splatter the oven a bit. Sorry Terri and Joe.

It was a very hot and humid day.

The stars are bright tonight.