We are enjoying Haley. I forget how young dogs wake up in the morning just happy to be alive. I wake up in the night and she is lying by my side just quietly looking at me.She is very grateful and happy to be in our house. Rescue dogs are always more appreciative.Yesterday was the first day we ran the girls together in the pasture. In fact it was the first time I had taken all three down since Galaxy was alive.It was nice to have three again running around like idiots like you saw on the video.I had been exercising Peaches and Cedie by walking or just in the back yard tossing the ball.Cedie has assumed a more serious roll. She now plays more diligently with the Frisbee. She's actually gotten quite good. Before she was the spoiler trying to steal Peaches or Galaxy's Frisbee.Now Haley is the spoiler.Haley has no interest in playing ball, a little more interest in playing Frisbee.This morning Cedie was sideways in the hall and Haley ran under her belly to get by. She is so fast and agile. Cedie looked like "what the heck happened?"I'm enjoying playing with them so much that I've been late to work all week. Haley spices up the whole house.