Happy Ground Hog Day!

Thursday, February 02, 2006
- We plan to head to the Divi this morning for breakfast. Then we have reservations to scuba this afternoon. Oh boy! Another brush with death for me.

It is raining all to be damned this morning. It's a chilly 72 degrees. We are huddled around our hot coffee mugs.

I never have figured out why coffee carafes dribble water and coffee all over the counter when they are full. This one here is no exception.

We have the fastest dial up here. I am consistantly connecting at 52.0 kbps on an Earthlink connection from St Thomas.

This looks like the day is going to end up with a trip to the Cruzan Rum distillery and a nap if it keeps raining this hard.

It finally quit raining about 10:30. It was a flooding rain. There are lots of washouts and the parking lot at the villa is very pot holed.

Breakfast was good at the Starlite Grill in the Divi Resort. We all had pancakes and bacon with fruit. It was what you expect in a decent breakfast with good service. Nothing special, nothing bad.

Starlite Grill in the Divi Resort

Judy was raving about a lunch place her and Tom ate the other day. Judy got the Carib Shrimp Salad at The Mix on the waterfront in Christiansted. She said it was fresh pineapple with greens, grilled seasoned shrimp with grated fresh coconut.

The service was outstanding and very friendly.

The Mix

News Flash.......... St Croix is slowly but surely getting street signs. This is a major developement.

We did the scuba dive from Cane Bay and I didn't die. I've always wanted to try this and figured I'd better try scuba before I get too old.

The instructors were great. The view looked like Discover HD Channel.

The equipment weighed about 5 times as much leaving the water as it weighed going in. We are very tired.

Jerry was a great instructor. I would say give scuba a try at Cane Bay Dive shop.

We are headed to Bacchus for supper.

Thank goodness Bacchus botched our reservation. We called in earlier this morning and left a reservation on their voice mail. They got the call, they got the time, they got number in the party, but they didn't understand the number to confirm the reservation. Shame on Bacchus.

I asked them to call Kendricks. I wish they had tried to help us earlier. Kendricks could seat us at 9:00 PM. No thanks. I was hungry from diving.

Oh well.

To our good fortune we ended up at The Mix. The sevice was outstanding. The food was fantastic. The live music was very good. The view was the water front. The bill was about 1/2 of what we expected.

The Mix is a hidden gem. I hope they can keep the chef.

The Mix again gets

As a bonus Channel 2 was filming a TV commercial that will air in Puerto Rico, USVI, and the British Virgin Islands.

They had their pretty actresses all having a fancy dinner with lights and cameras. We sat and enjoyed and became the background for the commercial.

They even panned the camera our way a few times. Thank goodness we were dressed for Bacchus. Our ladies looked stunning.

So next time you are watching Puerto Rican TV, watch for the commercial with Reggie, Gigi, Tom, Judy, Dee and Bill in it.