Saturday, February 04, 2006 - I never get sad on the last day of a vacation. I just switch to the "Anticipation" mode for my next vacation.

This has been an active yet mentally restful trip.

This is the point in the trip when you start taking inventory. Not of you life or anything that deep. You start looking at all the stuff you bought and will leave behind.

There are 3 beers in the refrigerator along with some great leftovers. I know the next renters will not appreciate the leftover pizza. Heck I'll take another swing at that for lunch.

A glance to the liquor cabinet and it looks like and even bet. There was a bottle of Jack Black and it's still there. We drank the rum that was there but will leave some 151 rum.

We did use a bit of the Jack Black as a disinfectant. Gigi fell in downtown Christiansted mid trip and skinned her knees.

There's also frozen lemonade and lots of round limes.

Overall we did pretty good not overbuying groceries even though we ate most meals here.

Honestly I have been insulated from the worries of the world. This has been very relaxing.

I'm still getting over the scuba dive from the other day. I can't seem to get my right ear back to normal. My ear doesn't hurt.

Diving was a life changing experience. Heck, just being able to breath under water was life changing.

I just put the top back on the Jeep. That's top is one fine piece of fine American engineering. NOT!

We had a back panel fly off yesterday in the middle of the highway. I did a u-turn and Gigi flung open the door and scooped the panel up. I did not have the panel zipped up.

The ladies are off to town for some last minute shopping. I'm headed to the pool.

It was one relaxing vacation.

The tan will fade but the memories will not.