It is so nice having electricity again. It pairs perfectly with winter.

Duke energy finally found another break in my underground line and patched this break again. They patched this same spot a few years ago.

This time the low voltage took out some circuit breakers and seemed to have spared my electronics. So after the power company left I called an electrician and he determined a 60 amp switch was running on one leg. He replaced it and all was back to normal.

I swear you would think I never was on a relaxing tropical vacation last week. I am as cold and stressed as if it never happened. This winter goes down as the suckiest on record.

In North Carolina we always get little spells of stolen warmth during the winter. Usually we'll get days sprinkled in with highs in the 60's only to return to average cold. This helps me mentally make it until spring.

Not this year. This weekend promises to get to winter normal for a few days so we expect highs in the low 50's. Then it turns below normal cold again.

I got my new Jeep catalog yesterday and it got me to thinking about warm days and maybe some new bling for my Jeep. I want to get a new front bumper. I want some side rails. I want to get the luggage rack powder coated. Maybe I will or maybe I'll do it next year.

I am glad I bought my 89 YJ Jeep. I have enjoyed tinkering with it and this model is really getting vintage. I like being old school sometimes.


Ken said...

We've had snow on the ground here for over three weeks.
That just ain't right!

Rock Chef said...

Yep, it has been a bad winter - or maybe just a REAL winter!

Still, there are signs that it is coming to an end - over here at least!