Living In The Moment

I had a fantastic productive week. Good moods abound and I am back again to mainland Wreggie.

This week I bonded with my old summer friend Testicules the Jeep....the Jeep formerly known as Timmy the Beast. The Jeep had been parked most of the long winter season wanting to be driven.

So Monday I fired up the old cold natured beast and watched it's analog gauges move to life. Memories of new projects came to life as I commuted.

I have mentioned this before but I like that when driving a Jeep you become part of a community of Jeep owners. We wave at each other as we pass knowing that we share a brotherhood. Similar to boat owners waving or RV people being so darn friendly to each other.

We Jeep owners are held by a common bond of a love of customizable, noisy, gas guzzling, uncomfortable, off road contraptions.

I guess however in summing up the week was for the first time in a long time I was able to live and enjoy in the present moment. So often I live in regrets of the past or angst of the unknown but for a good while this past week I enjoyed the present moment.

Good to be alive.


terri said...

We're so alike, Wreg. Glad you found yourself again this week.

Ken said...

The present moment is such a fleeting time, it's great when you can grasp it and look neither forward or back.

Coffeypot said...

The same thing with bikers. We waved at each other as we passed. I also here Saab owners do the same thing, too. Snobs!:)