Wonderful Wednesday

Interesting few days.

Let me first say that Ali and Chris sent Gigi and me the most thoughtful gifts from Canada. Thank you guys so much.

It looks like I will take a road trip to Chicago this weekend. Yes, it is a log haul but necessary to retrieve an old gas oven from Gigi's Grandmother's old home. So big road trip.

Then I may be in New Orleans next week if plans pan out. Business related.

Last night we lost a leg of power going in the house. We has 100 volts and our service is 240. Much of our stuff didn't work so we called WAPA, ah I mean Duke Energy and they at least got the heater online. I woke up to a warm house with no water, refrigeration, or Internet or phone.

All fun stuff.


TerryC said...


You should move to St. Croix. If your electricity doesn't work, you can always just go to the beach....

Have a safe trip to Chicago and NO!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I was telling gigi yesterday that I miss driving and stopping and jumping in the ocean most anywhere. I could jump in someone's pond I suppose, get shot, bitten by a snapper and snake bit. Not to mention I would freeze my ass off. And mire down in the mud.

Other than that it would be the same thing. No coral either.