Damn I Am Complicated

Yesterday was about 50 degrees but it felt warmer in the sun. All of the dogs were out with me "herding" while I tore down the Jeep interior doors for painting and a remake.

As I cleaned and painted I got to thinking about the stereo I installed in my pickup last summer and decided I would check on the pricing of a sub woofer with a preamp. I remember looking when I built the system and decided against it based on price. The system sounds very good but I miss some of those thumping lows only a sub woofer can deliver.

They make sub woofers now that are speaker, case, and preamp all on one. They are about the size of a thick notebook computer.

I checked with Crutchfield online and they make what I was looking for and comparable with my now discontinued and obsolete 6 month on system. For $199 I can have basically a plug and play sub woofer and stash it under my seat.

Next time you are at an intersection and you hear some thumping and buzzing it might be who you expect. It may Wreggie in his red pickup letting out the angry young black man inside under the guise of a middle aged white redneck. Damn I am complicated.


terri said...

You're not complicated... you're colorful! :-)