Things I do in Winter Boredom

I had a great vacation but have really had a fit decompressing and getting back to the winter grind. Snow here? Again? Today?

Just yesterday I got back in the gym and it felt good. My pal Thomas called last night and insisted we “play golf” Friday. He said, “Dress warm, pack plenty of beer and we might as well take our clubs in case we want to hit a ball or two.”

I understand….we just need to get out but it will likely be too cold for a real game. Riding around on a lovely landscaped winter wonderland drinking beer with laughs might be the ticket.

Last week I jumped at the chance to drive round trip to Chicago to pick up an item for Gigi. I-40 is closed due to a rock slide back in October so the drive was even longer than I thought.

On the way up I drove through West Virginia, Kentucky, skirting Ohio and then Cincinnati, Indiana, Indy, Lafayette, Gary and then Chicago. I came back by way of Louisville, Knoxville then back home. I saw a lot of beautiful country. Damn this is a big place.

In three days I drove 1600 plus miles by myself and it was fun and exhausting all at the same time.


Rock Chef said...

1600 miles to collect an item? Hope it was worth it! Mind you, the trip sounds like fun for its own sake anyway!

Judy said...

Driving long distance is not my idea of fun.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Not something I usually like but I had fun and saw things I never have seen and most likely never again. Gary Indiana is a boarded up shanty town. The old house in Chicago brought back memories. The drive gave me some "me" time. I like me. was an old gas stove Gigi's grandmother used to bake pies in.

terri said...

I could see a long drive like that being enjoyable... just getting away from all the everyday annoyances.