A Question

First, let me say, I am not one of those TV dudes like on Lowe's or Home Depot commercials that get all excited about a new lawn mower. I loath cutting grass. It is loud, dusty, hot, and boring. I get stung occasionally and the end result is trimmed weeds of equal height. I don't have real grass. Just a nice carpet of warm weather weeds.

Second, in the 25 years I have lived here I have owned two riding mowers and two push mowers. I think that is pretty good for consumer grade lawn tractors.

Third, I am finished pouring money and effort into my old Home Depot Scott's made by John Deere mower and have arranged for its removal on Wednesday.

So the question, should I get a thousand dollar Toro that is a riding mower and run it until it freezes up? Or should I get the usual two thousand consumer lawn tractor? Or, should I get a light commercial? My goal is hassle free, mellow life experience until I die. I hope one and two don't cover my life span.

Before you suggest, me, being the gentleman city farmer, why don't I just hire the work out and continue my life of leisure. Well, I can't find another human worth a shit that will show up and work on a regular basis on their chosen profession of a lawn maintenance person. I tried last year and they were as dependable as my shitty mower.

What would you suggest?


terri said...

My husband seems to enjoy mowing. We don't have a yard big enough to justify a riding mower. But there is county property behind our yard that he insists on mowing, (me? I'd leave it for the county) and for this he bought a riding mower. He also mows the county property behind the neighbors on either side of us. If we lived closer, I'd send him your way.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Well Terri, he seems like a swell guy otherwise.

Ken said...

With your vast, expansive collection of tree shaded weeds/lawn and the energy flow that flows from you.....get a $200 gas push mower and send it into the shop every spring for a tune up. You'll get out of it cheaper in the long run. Just empty the gas in the fall.

Unknown said...

I might suggest that you hire a professional landscaper to design and construct a lawn/weed-free space which would eliminate the need for a mower of any kind.

This would both eliminate the source of the problem and prevent it from occurring ever again.