Time Machine

Off season work on the tailgate trailer continues. This week I am installing a time machine. I know it looks like LED lights but really, what time machine have you ever seen that doesn't have a lot of lights.

What I'll do is if the opponent scores, I'll dial back the machine for one minute to see if the Panthers can defend better the second time. If the opponent scores again, then it was meant to be. All this will be done without the knowledge of anyone.

If we fail to score on a drive, just before the three point try I'll dial it back to give us another shot at 6. If we miss then we still get the three point attempt.

I'll start testing this in the preseason after I get the time machine installed.


Unknown said...

Remember Weena?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No. Had to look it up and it sounds unplausable. Mine is real. Bates has it running a 12 second loop now.

Ken said...

You might need a break, have you considered that?