When I Was A Child

They said our air would become unbreathable. It is clean.

They said our rivers and lakes would die from pollution. They are clean.

They said in 1974 (geology 101 Appalachian State) that we would run out of Natural gas. We have so much natural gas that the prices have collapsed from over supply. Same class said California would be an island by now and it is not.

In 1962 My Weekly Reader said we would be able to have video phones and we do.

We were told that drinking water would be scarce and it flows in pipes and bottles. Clean!

Frank Bormann of Eastern Airlines and Apollo 8 fame warned in the 1980s that deregulation of the airlines would lead to a few carriers and the few would raise rates to border unaffordable and they have done so.....thank you Jimi Cawduh.

In all my years of life on this earth, I have eaten only two pizzas that were not good. One was at The White Horse in 1980. One was a month ago at Zoe's. And I have met but one human in this entire planet who finds all pizza abhorrent. I pray for his eternal and damned soul. How can a man not love pizza? How?


Unknown said...

According to Al Gore, who invented pizza, it is a scientific fact that nobody can not like pizza. Therefore, anybody who says they do not like pizza must be wearing a tin foil hat. And I agree with Al.

Ken said...

"They" always exaggerate.

Some almost DID!!!! But "they" made a big enough stink that the rivers are now mostly....OK.

Tell me again in 10 years what the price of NG will be!

I know this makes you very happy!

They exaggerated again....but holy shit in a bottle what do you PAY for that clean water??????


I HAVE, not loved, a particular pizza. But I think this is common even among pizza lovers.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I have a 340 foot water well that produces cold clean water at an astounding rate of 20 gallons per minute yet it is governed down to about 7 gallons per minute. Other than electricity the water is free.

Ken said...

I've had wells dug too. At your 20 plus years there in that location, your probably doing OK and have paid it off. Don't forget what you were paying for that water the first 5 years you had the well dug. I bet it's cheaper at the dock in Marsh Harbor, Bahama's, than what you paid those first 5 years.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

We didn't dig it. It came with the house and running water from any source is expected when purchasing a home then and now. County water is now available if wanted or needed with a capital cost.