Way Neat Stuff

My tailgate pal Paul organizing his tailgate items Sunday.

Just so happens, I did a big spring cleaning on my grills and smoker.

Then, just when I thought I'd seen it all I catch this grill table idea....stellar.

Meanwhile, my diver Bates stops by for our Sunday afternoon ride in the country.

I put together a little centerpiece in my screen room.

200 miles to the east, my pal Rasta Claws cuts his teeth on his new Weber smoker that I got him through Paul. Us tailgaties are tight knit.

Good presentation Mr. Claws.

Finally my friend on St Croix, Doc Deep, posing in his usual fashion. This guy routinely goes down 300 feet. I'd say he is shark proof for sure.

WReggie don't go that deep.


Unknown said...

He better have strong flippers.

Rock Chef said...

Ribs are looking good!

Ken said...

He needs one of these!


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