Happy Go Lucky

Some people misinterpret me. I am one that likes to be upbeat, have fun, be silly, and prefer subjects of discussion to be light hearted. There is enough negative and evil in the world to go around, and I prefer not to dwell upon it.

This comes off to some as me being an unrealistic goofball, and I am discounted. I have even been told that it is not normal to be happy all the time. And sometimes the bad wins and I go into a spell of depression that passes in time. But 90% of the time I am upbeat and I strive to stay there even if it is an unnatural place to the outside observer.

So it came as a welcomed compliment the other day when a friend called and asked if I would be willing to be a reference on their resume.

"I would be honored", I said, and meant it.

They could see through my outward persona and they knew me as I really am. They respected me professionally, socially, even though they were aware of my faults, they trusted that I would represent them fairly to a perspective employer.

In a small way it validated me in a world of negatives. At least I'm my mind.


Unknown said...

Will there be chips?

Ken said...

I'm pretty darn sure you've been validated before this.

Now, serve Phfrankie some chips.

MELackey said...

Also validating is when someone you truly respect in your field suggests that you use them as a reference without being asked.