I Have Been Bad...Real Bad

Not in my eight plus years of blogging have I been so slack. Oh I've been blogging, but not here.

I'm reaching my peak with www.extremetailgatesociety.com and the twitter account @tailgateextreme, plus the Facebook page ExtremeTailgate to keep me occupied.

Then there is work. Then there is a medical issue that has been haunting me that I haven't discussed.

Like my dear mother who will be 90 in October, I have hypertension. Every 4 to 5 years it will rage higher to unbelievable levels. 184 over 120 I'm talking about. Crazy levels. Dangerous levels.

So then we must find the next mix of drugs that reduces blood pressure, has acceptable side effects, and then I need to get used to it.

I think after a few weeks I'm onto a calcium blocker that has dropped my pressure to 117 over 77, it makes me a bit tired, but other than that I'm ok and my manly stuff functions if you know what I mean.

So hopefully....back to normal.


Ken said...

Jeesum crow wReg, you best stay away from sharp objects, don't want you blowin' a gasket.

Ken said...

You've left out some high pressure math ...

... on top of your Vacation blog, FaceBooked, extreme meat eaters society on both FB and twitter you have posted nine, ... of the last fourteen posts on the Delta Dude's Blog Page.

Like I said, stay away from sharp objects!

Unknown said...

Ken could teach mathematics at the University!