Isn't She Lovely?

When the end of the world comes and all the satellites are blown away, someone's going to be watching free tv.

I can pick up 21 over the air stations with this bad boy. When mounted on the roof and properly aimed, I'm seeking two more. Fox and CBS broadcast towers are a fir piece from me. This should dial them in.

The nice thing about these antennas is you either get a perfect HD signal or none at all. No more snowy pictures of yesteryear.

This antenna was on sale for $29. Regular price was $59.

279 and 284 on the compass should get me there.


Ken said...

Your primitive is showing ...and I like it!

Unknown said...

In Unit 9 I watch free Teevee exclusively.

I like it.

I use the square wafer antenna they advertize on TeeVee.

I like it.