The Great Sleep

Today marks 38 years since the great sleep where I stayed in bed completely well, yet slept for three days.

You see, I ditched college in my second year to explore the world. I joined a ragtag group of guys and we built railroad tracks. We traveled the southeast and built small tracks called spurs.

The work was difficult. Every day I ached. We worked from sun up to sundown and everything was heavy. Just the tools were 45 pounds each.

After about six weeks on the job it became Labor Day and I was as Far East in NC as you can get, Plymouth, NC, home of Catfish Hunter.

After six weeks I was exhausted. I had a room in a cheap motel with a black and white TV and AC.

All of Saturday I slept. Saturday night I went to the bathroom and ate a bag of burgers. I woke Sunday to eat mid morning. I woke Monday to watch a little Jerry Lewis Telethon and napped all day and slept all Monday night.

I woke on Tuesday refreshed and very hungry.


Unknown said...

Will Charlie Sheen play you in the movie version of this story?