Building Vacations

One of my favorite pastimes is building vacations. Flying vacations are entirely different from RVing vacations. I like them both and both are designed around my entertainment and comfort.

The past few days I have been trading airline miles for trips to St Croix. I have all of our September trip covered with air miles and have booked Gigi on the nonstop for February. I have enough credits for me I think to cover me too. Hell I'll hitch hike down if I have to.

Gigi and I plan to renew our vows while we are down in September. It will be 30 years in November. I'd like to do it where Terry and Michael got married if Peter will do the ceremony and Michael will give me away. Something like that.

I figured in 30 years I have been asleep for 10 years, at work for 10 years, sitting in the other room for 5 years, pissed off at her for 2 years, and madly in love for the remaining 3 years. That's worth a celebration.

One friend suggested we do the vows in front of the web cam so everyone could watch.

Anyway I am looking forward to the September trip like you wouldn't believe. We need some R and R and hopefully celebration with good friends.


terri said...

Even the remark about Michael giving you away wasn't enough to keep me from getting sappy about this post. The line that ends with you being madly in love for 3 of the 30 years brought tears to my eyes. That is beautiful!

Michael said...

Hate to burst your bubble buddy, but while you're up there building your vacation, some jerk down here has started building on grassy point. We're not sure of the particulars yet, but the other day we drove past and saw silt fencing, holes and big piles of dirt up on the top of that knoll where we got married.

I'd be happy to give you away though. Maybe the web-cam idea would work. Or out at Buck Island, where I proposed to Terry ;-)

TerryC said...

You have an incredible way of looking at life (incredibly what? I'm not sure, though) ;-)

We can't wait to see you guys in September!

I'm sure I'll cry at your big event here on our little rock.

Ali said...

That's a pretty good break-down of the past 30 years :)

If you can get someone to hold your iPhone up while you do your vows, I'll be happy.