In My Own Back Yard

Very strange dream last night. Terry C appeared from St Croix at my home. She wanted to buy a used bread truck in North Wilksboro for Michael that she had seen on Craig's list.

I thought this to be strange. Terry doesn't like to travel back to the states much. Plus she had some new hair cut that just wasn't Terry.

She asked to see my garage as if she doubted it had been cleaned out. I turned on the light and there were four saddled horses in there that weren't mine. In addition the lights to my Jeep were on.

She then suggested we snorkel in my creek that runs along my property. Peter was waiting in a small boat. We proceeded on a fantastic fresh water snorkel in my creek.

Peter taught me several way to discretely pee out the back of the boat while a lady was present and Terry had bright ankle lights that illuminated the stream to see all creatures that lived in the creek clearly.

Meanwhile we kept missing phone calls from Michael about his whereabouts.

I can tell you now that this dream makes some sense to me now as I am awake. My business and personal life is a flutter now with things out of my control due to the recession but I am struggling to maintain some control.

I spent time yesterday planning my next two trips to the island. Gigi and I will be there in September. I just booked a villa for our February trip. I really want to be there.

Yet I feel that Terry revealed greatness in my own back yard that I have overlooked.

And Peter? Well he was Peter and funny as hell.


Judy said...

That was interesting. I liked how you figured it all out.

AmyK said...

I think the islands always clear your head and lower your blood pressure.

terri said...

You have the best dreams. I am dreaming more and beginning to remember them better. Maybe it's just the desire to do so?

MELackey said...

the pee dream... Did you wake up in time?

TerryC said...

Wreg! Too funny, but at least you got the message.

It's nice when our own subconscious teaches us stuff.

Remember these words of wisdom, young Jedi, "there's no place like home....." ;-)

Morgan Locke said...

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TerryC said...

Funny comment from jahbari!

TerryC said...

"She asked to see my garage as if she doubted it had been cleaned out."

What? Me? Doubt you?