Two Things on My Mind

I have been experimenting with wing sauce of late. My goal (like I need the calories) is to come up with a good all around sauce that everyone likes. Not hot, but traditional appearance with hints of good flavors.

It's easy to make hot wings hotter than hell and send people screaming for a cold beer. Most people don't like spicy hot wings. Personally I've never me a wind I didn't like.

So what seems to work with the approval of my wing master nephew is mixture of Frank's mild sauce, butter, diced garlic, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Gigi liked it so much that she took the leftover sauce and put it on some barbecue we had last night.

Now with football season just around the corner I'll be able to make fresh and delicious wings at the tailgate events. As you may recall I have a spiffy fryer and 2000 watt quiet generator that will make their appearance this fall in Downtown Charlotte.

I am constantly amazed what our government will give someone if you just take the time to do nothing and get in line.

My father in law is in a nice assisted living place that provides 3 meals and two snacks a day, a room with bath, cable TV, daily events, AC and Heat and medications. There is a library, fitness room, hot tub Jacuzzi, hair dresser, and well decorated common areas. The staff is friendly and nice. The dining room has table clothes and each meal there is a menu to choose from. Oh and they pick up his laundry and clean his room and change the sheets.

All this costs him zero. You pay for it. He didn't save a nickle for this....nothing yet he lives a good life.

But that's not all. What is missing in this picture? A phone. Not to worry. I just found out if you are dead broke and can prove it that the government will give you a cell phone free! Free phone and free minutes. I signed him up last night.

I wonder why I bust my ass and worry so much.


TerryC said...

I wonder too. But I don't worry, I be happy.....

Unknown said...

Try some creole ranch wings next time around.

Mix together about a cup f ranch dressing, 1 tablespoon ranch dip mix, 1 tablespoon of butter and 1/4 cup of butter. Heat and toss the wings in it. Change measurements to your taste.

It is a great flavorful and messy wing.

Rock Chef said...

That sauce sounds good!

Somehow my dad is now getting more money than he knows what to do with - he also never saved a penny!