Good Monday To You

I think I can lay down and die now. My life is complete.

I closed on my loan Friday and I now have an assumable 15 year loan at 4.5%.

I was just shown an iPhone app called Trapster that allows for users to report speed traps live. Then this information is pushed to my phone from other users and it warns me if I am about to enter the trap. I can verify the trap too and it adds credibility to the sighting.

Today I plan to end my boycott of Kurt Schindler. Kurt is a very talented local musician in St Croix. Kurt pissed me off last February by missing two dates while I was on St Croix. I listened to some of his music this past weekend and figured he had suffered enough from my shun. Plus he has a float in the St Patrick's Day parade called the Feral Cruzans and I thought that was about as cool of term as I have heard in a while. So I'm back Kurt. I hope you will take me back as a fan.


TerryC said...

If you "lay down and die now", you'll miss Kurt in September, Silly!

Michael said...

Not only that, you'll leave your lovely bride with 15 years of mortgage payments to make.

AmyK said...

I found him on youtube. Great Guitar. I looked on Amazon. No luck. I like discovering new island music. Thanks for lifting the boycott so I know about him now.

terri said...

I'm sure Kurt felt the weight of your punishment and has suffered enough. Nice of you to lift the boycott.