Stay of Execution

As you recall today my rate lock on my refinance expired today and I had to close today to get 4.5%.

First thing this morning I emailed to share my willingness and availability to close. They said they were working on it. A few more calls to get payoffs and things seemed promising.

By mid afternoon I asked for an extension so I could keep my rate.

At 4 PM I suggested I start flying west until I got until tomorrow to give me a few more hours. Heck I could close in Hawaii just fine.

The folks (assholes) I am dealing with are in central time. 5 PM passes eastern time.

5:45 PM I'm strapped tightly in a big wooden chair. A metal cuff is attached to my right ankle. A wet sponge and metal skullcap is tightened under my chin. The leather hood is draped over my head.

"Bastards", I thought. "The're going to let me go."

I begin counting the last few minutes when the phone rang.

"Mr. Wreggie.... this is Ass wipe and Crooked Loans. We have just gotten final approval and we can extend your rate until the 4th."

Why oh why do they put me through this. I'll believe it when the ink is dry.


AmyK said...

They do because they can. When companies are going under and the very people that are talking to you on the phone, are losing their jobs, you would think Customer Service would mean more. It doesn't.

terri said...


Ken said...

Dealing with banks.

Stay calm, suck-up, and try not to worry,.... if your good for it,....they'll give it to you,.. when they feel like it.

AmyK said...

Just a question and I think you are the man to ask. What do yu know about Water Island? I have just read about it. Sounds remote and wonderful, close to St. Croix.

Rock Chef said...

Angry humour - always the best!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Amy...I don't go much to St Thomas area unless I'm passing through. St Thomas is the Myrtle Beach of the Virgin Islands. St Thomas is also the jumping off point to get to St John by ferry. St John is the Bald Head of the Virgin Island just to put it all in Carolina terms.

Water Island looks to be just off shore of St Thomas. Looks like one could kayak there.

Ali said...

Maybe they're hoping to give you a stroke while you wait, then go after your estate to collect on the money?
I really don't know my head from my ass when it comes to money, loans, rates, etc. but I have no doubt that they were just trying to mess with you.
Glad you got your rate though :)

AmyK said...

Thanks for the input. I agree that St. Thomas is shoulder to shoulder people and I want to get out of there as soon as the ship comes into port, to go to St. John. Guess I'll stick with St. John. Thanks again.