Stuff that pisses me off

I LOVE my seats in Bank of America Stadium. They are second level 35 yard line. It is a perfect vantage point to watch the entire game and I am surrounded by familiar faces. Please don't try and "upgrade" me with lower bowl tickets that suck. If I wanted to sit in front of the Top Cat cheerleaders and watch the actual game on the scoreboard I would have made a move to that end years ago. Second deck fans are just fine and we really don't envy you lower deck people. We do feel sorry for you in the fact that most of you have a shitty view and you paid more for your tickets.

Tax season is the bane of my existence. It takes a lot of time find the 1099 that was sent to you and you misplaced. God doesn't make your 1099 so it is not always perfect and correct. I don't make it or mail your damn 1099 either so don't bitch at me unless you want to get bitched back. I can help you as a nice person but I can be an equal ass hole too.


terri said...

It always amazes me when people think arrogance and bitchiness is going to gain them something. What's that saying about being more likely to catch flies with honey?

Rock Chef said...

Keep those seats - you clearly have the best view in the house!

Why do people think that acting like a prat will get them better treatment? Goes against all sense!

Jay said...

Second level seats are perfect for football. It's important to be able to see the whole field and read the defense along with the QB. That's part of the fun of the game.

Chris said...

We have an even balance of being about 21 rows up from the field.

We're high enough to see the play on the field, and low enough to hear the players trash talk each other.