Dive Time

LAKE NORMAN, NC - Today is a practice dive for about 6 of us. Operation Grey Goose has been delayed until a later date.

The air temperature will be in the mid 30’s by noon and the water will be warm by comparison at 47. This is a good test to see just how good my dry suit keeps me warm and dry.

The bottom of the quarry is always 47 and the top varies from 47 to near 90 in the summer.

Visibility is supposed to be 30 feet now so I will be shooting video to see how this new camera works underwater.

This is my first dive since November and likely my last until I hit the island in 3 weeks.

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Ken said...

I heard goose hunting this year has been lousy anyway.

Don't forget to turn that camera around and give us mug shot.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They are Canada Geese I tell ya. Not Canadian Geese.

Rock Chef said...

Yes, they are Canada Geese - we get them over here too!

Have fun on your dive!