My Favorite Trees

EAST END, ST CROIX - I had planned another blog topic this morning but after opening my mail this morning I decided to share this sexy specimen of a coconut tree.

This was shot on St Croix last week by a friend. It shows several beautiful coconut trees framing Buck Island which lies 1 mile off shore.

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Rock Chef said...


Although the sun is shining today it is still very very cold out :-(

Sigado said...

I swam a mile one time. It took me about 24 minutes. I was exhausted and could barely stand up after I got out of the water. Looking at Buck Island, imagine swimming there. With proper support and safety, I dare you. (since you're so ripped and buff now)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I could do it at my own pace for sure. Not much current there.

Ken said...

It's true, a mile is not that difficult at your own pace.
It sounds like Sigado pushed himself a little bit, but in the tradition of a dare challanged, I too, dare you oh buff master to swim that mile.
Just think how much fun the support crew in the boat will have taunting you along the way!

terri said...

Can trees really be sexy?

Lu' said...

That is a picture that can take the blues away :)