I love a good sunset or sunrise but the problem is you need a high vantage point or unobstructed view to see the event.

Around here the sun comes and goes but it is filtered through trees or high rise buildings. So in essence all we get is lights on...lights off and the drama of sunset and sunrises are stuff of TV commercials.

I have been walking a lot recently and noticed about a mile from my house on top of a hill overlooking a big corn field is a well manicured and landscaped place by the road with two comfortable Adirondack chairs. The chairs are facing west.

Yesterday at dusk it was warm enough that I saw the couple who lives there sitting in the chairs by the road with a drink and a smile watching the sun set.

I thought that was a great idea. Don’t have an ocean? A corn field on a hill will do.

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terri said...

So true. There are a few spaces in my area that provide a great view of the sunrise or sunset too.

Peach Pod said...

One of my many blessings is that living on an island, you have many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I actually get to enjoy a beautiful sunrises almost everyday on the way to work. Why don't you get Tom to build you a crow's nest on the barn so that you can watch the sun coming and going?

Judy said...

Funny I just posted a picture of last night's sunset from the boat. That is what of the things I love about the lake.