The Blood Sports...Not Much of A Fan

I bought my new notebook PC on Friday and I have spent some time now with Windows 7. It works fine but is unfamiliar. There is no "Windows Classic" setting so I'm turning new ground and settling in. It will take a while before I have my iTunes configured and all the old stuff moved from my dying PC.

I decided not to load Microsoft Office but opted for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint readers that I can read and print from and I will continue to use the free Google documents.

On Saturday I went to an Appalachian State Football game in Boone, NC. The college football experience is so different from the professional football experience. It was a lot of fun and our team won. Next time I'm taking the grill. Eating grocery store prepared deli food from plastic trays seems wrong to me. There must be fresh meat, smoke and fire for a proper tailgate party.

We are in the season of the blood sports here in North Carolina. The booming sound of rifle fire sends my dogs running for cover.

Yesterday I saw a heaping mound of internal organs in someones yard. I assume it was a prank and they were deer parts.

Personalty I don't get hunting but don't make a bid deal about those that do enjoy it. It seems sad to shoot a majestic animal for fun and then complain that the meat is dry.

I do enjoy fishing to some extent but I feel sorry for the fish I catch. I usually release what I catch.


Rock Chef said...

There isn't much in the way of blood sports in my part of the world - a bit of bird shooting (pheasant, etc that are raised for the purpose) is about it. Fox hunting is a thing of the past and you're not allowed to shoot deer, even if you are lucky enough to see one!

Don't think I could shoot a deer - not under normal circumstances, anyway. If it was coming at me with a knife I would defend myself, though ;-)

Unknown said...

You know when they have a fishing show on TV? They catch the fish and then let it go. They don't want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late for something.

Bob, where have you been?

I got caught!

Bullshit, let me see your lip!

- Mitch Hedberg

MELackey said...

hope you don't think less of me for shooting a majestic creature, then posting a picture of his dead carcass next to a smiling 5 yr old on Facebook...

I promise to not complain about the meat.