Time and Space

I awoke and glanced at the clock....it was 4 AM. Darn I think I'm awake.

I lay there trying to go back to sleep when an inner voice told me that I will die in my sleep and I will die soon.

This startled me and I looked at the clock and it was 5:30.

It is amazing to me how time can lapse like this and how the mind plays tricks with itself.

Needless to say I ain't dead....but that was so real.

Happy Wednesday.


Rock Chef said...

I had something similar - woke up at 6 - ah an hour to go. Next thing I was late!

Glad you didn't die!

Judy said...

That better not be true! Weird thoughts.

terri said...

Okay, that's just freaky! I'm glad you lived to tell about it!

Doc said...

Ignore that inner voice Reggie !!