Tis The Season of Family and relatives

Most families have that one or two special relatives that my any standard are very dysfunctional at best or down right crazy. I had two as a child. No three. They were harmless like senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia but like him still loony tunes by any standard, yet able to function in society to some extent.

I loved them all because their deficiencies made them endearing to some extent and I knew after they were gone a generation of rational people like me were talking their place.

Guess what? I have discovered that as our generation ages a few special ones come forth and take the place of the crazies from our child hood. So now I have several obvious dysfunctional family members just like when I was a child.

Kind of makes me feel all warm and toasty like holidays of old.

As least now my generation is "on deck" and we are the next to take our dirt nap. You younger folks reading this look around and decide which one of you will step forth and be the dysfunctional family member for the next generation.


terri said...

You're lucky that your dysfunctional family members were merely endearing. Ours are downright scary.

I'm doing my best not to become the next looney-tune on the family tree, but sometimes I think it might be inevitable.

Coffeypot said...

I am the dysfunctional one in my family.

Chris said...

My sister is dysfunctional enough for the entire city of Winnipeg.

Ken said...

No looneys in my family, nope not a one.
All perfectly normal dysfuntional to a tee.