Changes Going On

Gigi and I have been doing some home renovation and remodeling.
Fortunately we have found a talented contractor that is willing to do the work as we go because we are paying out of pocket as we go.

Our home is a modest 3 bedroom two bath ranch built 35 years ago. Over the years we have done a few interior upgrades like the kitchen and baths and flooring. Even these remodels are getting a bit outdated.

The exterior of our home is t-111 which is glorified plywood with fake board joints sawn into the wood to make it look a bit more appealing. You may recognise this exterior from any old lake house you stayed at during camp as a child.

Our front had a major exterior design flaw that allowed water from the roof to baste the house when it rained and therefore slowly rot a portion of the front exterior.

The first thing we did was get all the front windows replaced in the affected area with modern efficient triple pane super duper windows. We love them. I could feel the change immediately not only from air quality but also noise. Then the roof line was altered and all the rotten wood was replaced and then the new exterior was applied.

We chose the same exterior as our guest house which is a coastal grade vinyl shake shingle. These are very thick and high quality and should out last us.

We then carried the exterior down the side and replace the two windows in the master bedroom. All of this came in slightly over budget and we were broke for construction but the problem was fixed.

Next we found a great deal to replace the old wooden garage door with a modern steel clad insulated door that had a carriage house exterior design. This custom item is on order and is paid for including

Now we are about to start a major change in the front which will enclose out 4X34 foot porch into living area and a 10 foot by 34 country porch will be added. This space is on the north side so it will be cool in the summer and it is real outdoor living space compared to the ledge out there now. An additional 4 feet in the interior will be significant as will the new front door, foyer, and windows. The porch will have paddle fans and a painted tongue in groove deck painted battleship gray. The new exterior will carry completely across the front and around the garage. From the street the home will look completely different.

The new living space will have pine floors instead of carpet. I am promised a man portion of the new larger room for my wide screen TV and the other sitting area will be girly for tea parties and pillow fights.

Finally the last phase will be tying the old house into our guest house. I am not sure when this will happen and how much, but it will happen after I digest financially the changes we have made now.


Ken said...

Those all sound like very good changes. Here in TN, they tax any covered outdoor usable space.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Here in NC they tax everything including a "privileged tax", the right to conduct business. Then the feds finish you off.

Makes living under tarp on a tropical island eating saltines and potted meat appealing to me. If I could just figure a way to keep the crackers crisp. (John...I think you call them biscuits)

Judy said...

Wow. I want to see the changes especially when you are finished! It sounds really nice.
Funny about the "girly pillow fights". I can just see GiGi doing that now. Ha ha.

Chris said...

That guest house is very cozy indeed.

MELackey said...

ok, but we want pictures of everything once completed - including the first pillow fight...

Rock Chef said...

I hope your man area includes a mini-fridge full of beer!

terri said...

Those are some exciting changes! Although, I'm seriously doubting that Gigi and friends participate in pillow fighting.