Why Hurry So?

Why did I used to think 5 minutes was such a long time?

In five minutes I can have a wonderful boiled egg and toast for breakfast. Or a delicious bowl of old fashioned Quaker Oats. They are much better than the instant and still I have to wait 5 minutes for the water to boil.

I gave up years ago fixing my own breakfast because it was too much trouble and took too long.

What did I do with all those saved five minutes? I sat in line at McDonald and bought shitty food at $4 a pop.

I can buy a gallon of oats for $3.50 and eat with my family. Or a dozen "chicken butt never touched a cage" organic eggs.

Oooo! My eggs timer just went off.

I'm off to a flight to Philly this morning with a proper breakfast.


Rock Chef said...

Good thinking! 5 minutes is not long, and a good breakfast is such a good thing!

terri said...

I love oatmeal. Usually I'm good and just eat it with some Splenda, but sometimes I treat myself and put some butter and brown sugar in it.

Ken said...

I love that real oatmeal....

I just never do it!