What Is Next?

Let stop and talk about this fellow for a moment because I didn't get the memo.

This looks like a fine healthy young man who is more devoted to his jitter juice than say beer and chicken wings. He looks fit. It looks like he has a passion for the IT arts...and he is organised and neat. And one could assume he is concerned for his cranium because he has a bandanna wrapped around his head.

When I was a kid guys just didn't wear hats. John F. Kennedy freed us from hats....and tie clips and men were grateful. This was a simpler time when the only people with tattoos were alcoholic retired navy men.

Hair was a wonderful statement. It could blow in the breeze and be cut in whatever way suited the owner.

Gradually baseball caps became vogue and all the pre-Kennedy era rules about wearing hats fell like the Berlin Wall. Guys wore hats indoors out doors at the dinner table whatever. Bald guys took to hats like a fat kid does to a tee shirt at a swimming pool.

Soon the goatee made it's appearance and all guys looked pretty much alike.

I was caught up in my own decade of fashion so I watched this unfold from the sidelines.

Then someone found an old pancake box and thought that a handkerchief tired on their head would set them apart. Certainly an old rag would look better that hair or a ball cap.

Personally I don't get this unless maybe it is spring cleaning time or perhaps one is in treatment for head lice.

But it is a great country so wear your rag.

What's for breakfast?


Unknown said...

You know I was expecting this blog to be based on what the hell he is sitting on! I kept reading and waiting for it. Can you please comment on that?! :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'm sure it is some ergonomic fruit ball chair that makes my back sore just to look at it.

terri said...

You are certainly feeling better and are all full of piss and vinegar! Good! So am I!

There are days I'd like to just wear a bandana. My hair is not cooperative sometimes. But that fashion is frowned upon in the office.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?