Radio Shack

[mortally wounded] "Let me know...when you see...a Radio Shack". ~ Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

I have determined that my on again off again problem with my High Definition TV is attributable to a small B band doohicky on the back of my receiver inline with the cable coming into the satellite box.

They cost about $13 online and Direct TV acts like they cost hundreds of dollars and is balking at sending me a new B band doohicky.

So yesterday morning I headed to the local Radio Shack to find said part.

I was the first customer of the day and walked in on two employees conversing. I turned to the one who appeared to be in charge and asked, "Do you have a B band converter that goes inline from a satellite on a Direct TV receiver?" I couldn't have been more succinct in my question.

About the time I started my question the employee broke into the mother of all yawns. It was one of those giant yawns that is reminiscent of a hippo and a chimp where the mouth is cranked wide open, teeth exposed and slobber strings are seen connecting the upper teeth to the lower teeth. Then there is the pause, the sound of air passing, and then the watery eyes that follow from a massively satisfying yawn.

Frankly I know it was good for him but it pissed me off.

He had no idea what I just asked, something to do with a TV connection and pointed me toward the connectors. I said, "It is Direct TV" and he replied, "We only have Dish".

I swear I don't know how they stay in business.


terri said...

I go into Radio Shack about once a year at this time to compare prices on some electronic that's on my shopping list. I really am surprised that they are still around year after year.

Coffeypot said...

The only reason I go into Radio Shack is to buy batteries IF they are the most convenient place at the time. Otherwise I shop on-line.

Ken said...

What's a Radio Shack?
It sounds so, "yesterday"

Rock Chef said...

Do they sell CB Radio? I bet they do.

Judy said...

Your description of a yawn made me yawn.

Unknown said...

Wreg, you must first refer to them bu their ultra cool new name of The Shack. Much like how Pizza Hut wants to be called The Hut nowadays.

Both you and are technically savvy but neither of us should ever outsmart a person whose sole job and purpose in life is to answer those electronics questions.

If I ever go to The Shack, Best Buy, etc, I refuse to let anyone help me, because chances are I know more than them.

It always makes me so mad when I go to look for something very simple and cannot find it, so I ask, and that person directs me to the exact same place and reads all the labels to find it. "I did that already you dumb ass."