The Christmas Flounder

We are at the Southport, NC RV campground for Christmas. This is an interesting mix of people, first group being like us who basically are recreating in a dirt yacht and this is our second vacation home albeit mobile. We come from all walks of life and social stations from wealthy to barely subsiding. We will stay a short while and then move on. We are the most social.

Then there are the longer term mobile who are employed at the local nuclear power plant working jobs that last a few months to a few years. Their reason for staying here is that they can live cheaply and this allows them to save their per diem thereby enhancing their take home pay. These people are the least social because they usually dislike their jobs and their living conditions.

Third there are the low income folks who find this lifestyle necessary to make ends meet. Usually they are not mobile but still have an RV capable of moving with new tires or they have chosen to permanently mount their RV or if they are flamboyant enough their mobile home to the site. If their living quarters are paid for they can get by comfortably on take home pay as little as $1000 a month. They seem to be fairly happy with their lot in life and they are social and friendly to the first group.

And now it is Christmas with all the tacky lights adorning the RV's.

Last night we all gathered in our RV for supper and watched a pay per view movie The Hangover. We decided then that we would have fresh flounder for supper Christmas eve.

I went out this morning to the local fish monger and ordered up enough flounder for 5. This fish monger always has the freshest seafood locally caught. If it is not local and fresh (not frozen) it is clearly marked. The place is spotless and does not smell of fish.

The tall fellow suggested that 1/2 pound each would be good for 5 and he took out three flounders, scaled them and filleted them in front of me. Then he weighted the pile of fish and it was exactly 2 1/2 pounds.

So tonight a non traditional diner with family and I like that.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Wreggie. In the 80s I used to travel with my family. My father was a party manager for an oil exploration company. We lived in a lot of RV parks. I related well to your description of the place you are staying. Have a wonderful Christmas Day and traveling mercies on your way home.

Michael said...

We did some floundering on Christmas too. Unusual Christmas rains kept us from our planned activities and we spent most the day flopping about.

TerryC said...

Isn't flounder a bottom-feeder?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No. They are a predator fish. They hide on the bottom to ambush.

Ken said...

Flounder....a predator fish.

Now that's funny!

Watch out for the eyes, they pop!