It was Bourbon Night

Wow I blew through post 1500 a while back without any ceremony. In fact next month will be my 4 year anniversary of this drivel. I can't believe I stuck with it this long.

Last night I had an appiontment with some clients that live in Shalotte, NC on the Lockwood Folly river. Lockwood Folly is a cool name for a river isn't it?

I was running early so I went ahead on to their house. I know them well so I felt it would be okay coming a few minutes early. I rang the doorbell and heard many voice talking loudly.

"Come on in Wreggie....we are having our monthly bourbon tasting!"

What they were sampling was Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon. Maybe 8 guys and two women were holding glasses with a dark amber liquid. No ice, no mixers. And they had made a big dent in the bottle already.

I appreciate the hard work and art that goes into a good bottle of bourbon. This was very good. It was darker than Markers Mark and had a more complex flavor than my regular bourbon. Plus it was 100 proof rather than 80 so the alcohol made it a bit hotter.

I drank about a 1 inch glass and began to see why they were all so happy and loud.

I found out that they were all Vietnam Veterans, they all lived in this golf community, they were all in their 60's and they all loved good bourbon. This was a good warm drink on a cold winter night. It was fun for sure. What a fun way to meet people.


Coffeypot said...

I'll take a good glass of burbon any day, but I prefer over ice.

Hope you told all the guys, Thanks and Welcome Home. If not, do it for me next time.

Coffeypot said...

Oh! Congrats on 1500, too. Quiet an accomplishment.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you sir.

Denice said...

I love your blog Reggie!

Anonymous said...