Travelin' Day

Today my bride and dogs head to Southport for Christmas.

I may be in an Internet blackout for the next few days and this is not stress relieving at all to me. What I have done to combat this is hack my iPhone to where I can use the on board 3g as an Internet connection. I know there is a good 3g signal where my RV is so hopefully I can maintain connectivity with the outside world. Otherwise I may have to resort to buying old fashioned newsprint on pulp wood. Lets hope not.

In addition I have had some issues setting up the satellite down there last week. I'm taking down a new rebuild kit. After all...what is Christmas without good crisp TV and the Internet?


Ken said...

Have a great Holiday. Hope you find some warm weather.

terri said...

I'm seriously impressed with the fact that you know how to hack your phone to convert something to serve as an internet connection.

Stacy said...

merry christmas