SLR Cameras

I am a point and click guy when it comes to cameras. I like action photos and random shots. Very few people pose well in my opinion.

I must have a thousand holiday pictures of my MIL and BIL posed in the exact same expression. The only difference is 30 years of ageing.

I like cameras simple....I ain't shooting for The National Geographic. I used to have a fancy film camera back in the day with lenses, f stops, focus rings and all the hardware and it was a pain in the ass and rarely led to better random unrehearsed photos. Usually I can make changes later on the computer.

It pains me so when my MIL takes 80 seconds to push the damn shutter release to take my annual picture at Christmas of me looking pissed off sitting in my chair on my PJs. Same picture every year...the only difference is 30 years of ageing.

I love my iPhone camera. It is good enough to see but fuzzy enough to make everyone look good.

Here and idiot has complicated a perfectly good iPhone camera.


Judy said...

You sound like Tom about the annual pictures. I think it is interesing to look back at "the way we were". The older I get the more I don't like candid shots of me. I like to be prepared by holding in my stomach and making sure my chin(s)are up.

Coffeypot said...

I think spontaneous shots are beautiful and have more meaning. When I have had to sit for professionals, the assistant or photographer will turn and contort me into positions I have never been in my entire life just to 'look' natural. A natural look, smile, or situation is always better.

MELackey said...

the Sony camera I have is great for those family shots. If you look at the pics I posted on Facebook, you will see how funny they are. The camera has a smile sensor. You get everyone lined up with the camera on the tripod. The camera somehow recognizes faces and puts a little box around each face, then you set one of them as the default face for the "smile sensor" No shit, the shutter snaps each time that person smiles. Pretty entertaining.