Last night I was kicking back watching Monday Night Football when waves of deep yawns inspired me to sleep more than the game inspired me to stay awake.

It was cold outside. We are having lows in the mid to low 20's now. We fight the cold in this part of the world with good insulation and a heat pump. Heat pumps work very good down to the mid 20's. We were at that transition zone from heat pump to auxiliary strip heat and the air in the house was a bit chilly.

I went to bed.

And so it came to pass that at 1:30 AM I was awaken from a coma-like deep RIM sleep by a wife who had a pissy attitude she gets when the TV doesn't work right or the power goes out. She was shooting a barrage of questions and orders at me and I was still in a Windows Vista brain boot sequence. I wasn't sure what was going on and frankly my brain was still waking up.

"The heat is off and it is 50 degrees!", she yelled.

I stumbled around to the various breaker panels and everything seemed in order. I told her to call Van our heater guy. She did.

Van was sound asleep as he should have been but his wife was up. He had fallen asleep on the sofa watching the game. Van finally came to the phone and Gigi handed me the phone. Two men asleep grunted at each other and Van said he would be there in a minute.

Van came in just moments all ashamed that the heater failed on his watch. He crawled under the house. We heard some knocking and pounding and the heater came back on. There was a bad breaker down there and all was now right with the world.


terri said...

I have awakened to discover the furnace hadn't been running. It was 40 degrees in the house. Luckily, it was just the igniter and we could force it to turn on until we could get the part fixed.

Anonymous said...

"and I was still in a Windows Vista brain boot sequence."

bahahahahah!!! I can relate to this. I need some sort of control F functionality to get going faster I think.

and I can relate to Gigi, too. I dunno why but being cold really asses me off. Hot as hell, not so much, but there's something about the cold. grrrrrr.

Ken said...

Your kidding me right, 1:30 AM ??

And you called someone??

Dude, you got to store more blankets in your house.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I had no choice but to call someone Mic. She was mean. I would have slept through it.

Coffeypot said...

You fell asleep during that game. HOW? I didn't care who won but it was a great game. Just wrap a blanket around your shoulder and drink coffee.

Aion said...

lol GREAT Post! 50 degrees? @ 1:30 am? THAT would be "NO SWEAT" (pun intended lol) to a woman in menopause!! ... guess you have no problems there.. talk about MEAN... :D

"Cool" Blog!

TerryC said...

A guy came out in the middle of a freezing cold night to fix your heater.

I think I'd have a heart attack from the shock at such amazing customer service.

We can't even get the zombies around here to work in the middle of the day at pleasant temperatures. And then, whatever they have "fixed" is usually still broken.

TerryC said...

And RIM sleep. Interesting. If I was having "rapid I movement", I'd probably be awake and running. ;)