I am starting to get a few eggs accumulated from my chickens. This morning I asked my wife if she would like some scrambled eggs and toast.

“Boiled”, she said.

The she asked if the eggs would be our chickens and I said they could, even though I have some older store bought eggs.

She made a face and told me she doesn’t think she can eat our unborn grandchildren.


Ken said...

This could get complex.

Michael said...

I understand, from a perusal of the national media, that there may be a larger market for your unborn grandchildren.

TerryC said...'s okay to eat other peoples' "unborn grandchildren"?

Unknown said...

Unless you have a rooster there is no unborn anything.

terri said...

If you don't eat the unborn grandchildren, you'll eventually be overrun by them and then child protective services is going to come after you.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda with Gigi on this one but I definatly have some "food issues"...and yes I do know it's all in my head!!