Riding the Range

No, I wasn’t on top of the stove pretending I was in a car cause I was loading and unloading wild mustangs yesterday.

Okay it was a trained mustang and it was only one. Still I man handled that horse like only wReggie can. It was sweet and gentle and I kindly asked if she would go in and go out of the trailer and she did.

I had to haul her from the backyard of a doublewide fully loaded with the nicest white trash you ever would want to meet. All of them were smoking cigarettes; all the women had on Daisy Dukes, even the fat old grand mother. The kind of folks you would find running a meth lab but nice.

We waded through the various generations of chickens and made out way to a fenced area. She loaded easily and transported easily.

On arrival we had an audience of roosters, cows, a horse, dogs and many goats.

I know now that there are animal folks crazier than Gigi and me.


TerryC said...

Not much crazier.

Now you have FOUR horses?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No. This is Ty's horse at his place.

Ken said...

Was her name Sally?

terri said...

Too bad you didn't video tape the whole experience! That would have made a great blog.