I Was a Child Again

Last night we had a horrendous thunderstorm move through. There was frequent lighting, heavy rain, and high winds. It went on for hours.

Cedie came to me for comfort but decided it would be safer with Gigi.

Soon we lost power.

I had started supper and it was mostly done except the steak. We ate by candlelight.

By 8:30 I was bored and drifted off to sleep on the sofa. I would wake up every so often to check for power. I could hear the comforting rumble of heavy lineman trucks in the distance.

Somehow for a moment I had the child-like feeling that all was right in the world and someone was looking after my well being. It was a nice comforting feeling I rarely get as an adult.


terri said...

Maybe the quiet that comes with a power outage contributed to that feeling. With all of our gadgets these days, we rarely experience quiet anymore.