Labor Day Early for Me

Sunday I was a busy fellow….and remember this…I am not a fan of manual labor.

I cleaned horse stalls, the chicken coop, cut the grass, sprayed defoliant around the property and by late afternoon it was time to start the chicken coop.

The coop will be placed beside their spacious outdoor facility. Then the two will be tied together after the outdoor portion is leveled and backfilled. Once this is complete I think I could have as many as 20 chickens and assume I was be in the chicken business a long time.

We started with the foundation and digging holes. Fortunately the ground was fairly soft but the heat and humidity was high. I found the task exhausting.

We then placed the piers and leveled and squared it all up. By now it was nightfall and we called it a day.

We have designed this coop to be dry, warm, yet well ventilated. Winters here are nasty, cold, dark and wet. This effects egg production so they’ll have lights and radiant heat. In the summer box fans will keep them relatively cool.

Oh and I did get another egg yesterday.


Ken said...

The dreaded post hole diggers.

I'd rather just dig the hole.

Judy said...

You will deserve all those eggs after that hard work. Lucky chickens. They are well cared for.

terri said...

You'll have the most spoiled chickens there ever were!