Why Am I Smiling?

Literally 4 weeks from today I will be in the air headed for Miami and on to St Croix. And no, I am not ashamed.

I have a super deal. Out of pocket the trip and lodging and car are costing me $510 for the week……a whole week! $72 a day! I can’t vacation at a local beach for that and I’m talking I’ll be in paradise with coconut trees and a clear warm ocean.

Now I will be expecting to eat and have some adult beverages but plan on buying some groceries and fantastic local rum at less than $7 a bottle. And I’ll buy gas and be diving but still this is inexpensive.

The airline ticket is valued at $611 right now but I used 30,000 American Miles so mine is free. This is off season so the normal 50,000 to 60,000 miles was not required.

And guess what? St Croix is actually cooler than we are this time of year so I’ll say goodbye to upper 90’s and have strong breezes with fresh air. No ozone and pollution.


Ken said...

Honestly, the Florida coast was cooler than home last week.
All that pavement and concrete makes quite a flue of hot air going up while sucking the cooler air from the water onto the shore.

Judy said...

Oh, that sounds great!!!!! Have fun, I know you will.

Chris said...

Sounds like a sweet deal!
I'm going to show Ali around the Vegas strip on Sunday.
41 is hot, but "it's a dry heat"! :)

terri said...

Didn't think it was possible to improve on your favorite vacation, but it looks like you've accomplished that by saving all that money!