I got to tell you something has really been on my mind lately. Soon I will be 56 years old.

My father’s father had a major heart attack and died at 56.

My father had a cardiac event at 56 and he was able to make it to 61 before he died.

I learned a friend of mine on St Croix died the week before I came on island. He was 56. He was the diver that assisted in my rescue class and the guy I drug in from the water on my mock rescue. A hell of a nice guy he was. I bought equipment from him.

56 has always been on my mind and now the time has arrived.

What have I done different from the other afore mentioned? I don’t smoke, I exercise, I try and keep my weight down, and I take blood pressure lowering drugs, an aspirin a day, cholesterol lowing drugs, and most important, I don't worry, and enjoy life as best as I can.

So I feel like I am approaching a dangerous place in my life, but I think the odds are in my favor lifestyle wise. Time will tell. 

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Ken said...

Just keep your eye out...

for the other guy!

And don't ever drive exactly 56 MPH

terri said...

You work hard to be physically and mentally healthy. I'm guessing 56 is going to be uneventful for you.

Rock Chef said...

Well, if you decide not to post for a couple of days, please let us know first! If you don't, you know what will happen... :-)

Unknown said...

Git busy livin'...or git busy dyin'.