Crucian Dream

Friday night .... I gotta tell you.....I had one of the strangest dreams ever.

I received a very greasy and large envelope from New York City. It was tattered, and looked like it had been around the world.

The postman apologized for the condition of the package, and explained it had been lost in the system for months.

I looked at the return address, and the package was from Andy Rooney. As you know, Andy died recently, and was a long time reporter with the CBS network.

Andy had written me the nicest letter telling me how nice it was to meet me. I didn't recall meeting Mr Rooney, but was glad to have the compliment from such a famous person.

What made this even more strange is the letter was written on three slabs of bacon, separated by greasy wax paper. The text was tattooed on the bacon and the bacon was very lean.

A bacon letter from Andy that anyone?

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terri said...

I had to look it up and see if I could find out what your dream might mean. This is the best I could find:

To dream that you receive a letter signifies an opportunity or challenge that will soon be presented to you.

Dreaming of bacon can represent anticipation of pleasurable activity and abundance.