Luxury Skybox

Don't call it a man cave.

What I have finally figured out, is I now own a luxuryskybox less the actual venue.  I have access to all major sporting events via Direct TV in a comfortable place outside, with cooling, heat, food, beverages, music, fresh air, and visual input and olfactory stimulation.  

The Masters….I have a skybox.

College football…I have a skybox.

NFL….you guessed it. Baseball, basketball, boxing, NASCAR all from my luxury skybox.

Plus there are no restrictions in my skybox. Want to have a smoke? No problem. Cigars and cigarettes are welcome because it is semi open air and I have ceiling fans.

What would you like on the menu? I can fix most anything on my grills.

The refrigerator is stocked with cold drinks and soon I hope to move my draft beer cooler out there.

I have it good and I know it. 

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Unknown said...

There's presidents, astronauts,rock stars and you.

Ken said...

Maybe you should lower the TV monitor so you gaze down, it'l give your skybox a more lofty feel!