The Moo-Moo

Look here at this crazy new massive cool upgrade of the harbor cam on St Croix.

Imagine me there, in Mics moo-moo, the week of June 9.

A moo-moo watch is in effect for all of the US Virgin Islands including islands down east to Saba. I will upgrade this to a moo-moo warning when appropriate.  

Maybe....just maybe I could have a moo-moo smack down with Miss Judith?

Perhaps I could impersonate Miss Judith at the Monday night crab races? 

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Unknown said...

Will you be entering the Mic's Memorial Magnificent Merry Multi-cultural Monday Morning Moo-Moo Marathon?

Ken said...

A little trim here and a little trim there and you might get it to fit as elegantly as it fit me.

Ken said...

Hey, that cam "is" pretty cool. I want volume so I can hear you moo next week!